Annual Meeting 2016

At the 2016 Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 31, 2016, Grace Church members overwhelmingly elected the slate of nominees for Vestry and Convention/Convocation delegates submitted by the Nominating Committee.

The new Vestry Warden is Lawrence Ishmael.

The new Vestry members elected to three-year terms are:
• Dennis Bazzey
• Brenda Loncke
• Winsley Rudder

The new Vestry members elected to one-year terms to fill seats vacated by Vestry members who could not complete their terms are:
• Manny Santana
• Harry Watson

Delegates to the 2016 Convention and to the Watchung Convocation meetings representing Grace are:
• Victoria David Blenman
• Timothy Mann
• Harry Watson

Alternates, who will attend if the delegates are unable to, are:
• Anita Griffith
• Carol Taitt
• John Taitt

The Nominating Committee consisted of: Rev. Gideon Uzomechina, ex-officio; Karen Moore, chair; Angelina Adusei; Colin Baptiste; Gina Intsiful; and Josephine Intsiful.

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