Annual Church Meeting

Sunday, January 29. 2017 immediately following the 10:30 AM Eucharist.

The Annual Meeting of Grace Episcopal Church will take place in Knickle Hall.

Candidate for Warden
Jason Algeo (2-year Term )

Candidates for Vestry
Ivor Blair  (3-year Term)
Dr. Trevor Forbes  (3-year Term)
Amanda Garcia (3-year Term)
Selma Cato  (2-year Term)
Conrad Roberts (1-year Term)

Candidates for Convention Delegates
Kenneth Blenman
Victoria Blenman
Deacon Ted Moore

Jason Algeo
Holly Algeo
Gloria King

The 2016 Annual Report is being prepared.  All parish committee, commission, and ministry leaders are asked to send their reports to the parish administrator NO LATER THAN MONDAY, JANUARY 23.