A Letter from the Senior Warden of Grace Church

Alleluia, Christ has risen!
The Lord has risen indeed, Alleluia!

Dear Grace Family Members,

As the Lenten season concludes and we move into Eastertide and celebrate our rebirth with the risen Lord, I would like to provide you with status on the current happenings within Grace Church.

As of April 15, 2017, Father Gideon Uzomechina’s time as Grace Church’s priest-in-charge has concluded. We are now in process of searching for a new interim / priest-in-charge of Grace Church. The process is moving along well and swiftly and we are hopeful to fill this opening by Autumn 2017. In the meantime, currently we have a wonderful supply priest, Rev. Mark Van Sant, attending Grace this Spring. We welcome you to join us for worship services.

I think the Easter season timing is apropos to our situation at hand. Grace Church is in, and has been in, a transition period for some time now. We are about to begin another, one that I believe, will usher in a new and exciting change. One that keeps in mind our sacred and well beloved Episcopal traditions coupled with a progressive vision of the future of Church life and administration.

A rebirth of Grace Church Plainfield is at hand to coincide with our Easter Season. It is an exciting challenge put before us. I think of Christ telling the Apostles in the Upper Room the commandment of going out, preaching the word and making disciples; how excited, challenged, tentative and scared they might have been. I feel the same as Warden of Grace, moving us forward into a new time of our church, but I see that, like those Apostles, we will come into our own and do great things.

As we rejoice in Easter and think on our Lenten sacrifices and meditations, I do the same for my Grace family members. To those continuously serving Grace, I thank you for your hard work and dedication to keeping our building open and running; and providing services to our parishioners and those in our community through wonderful programs like Grace’s Kitchen, PCO’s school program, ESL, NA and AA programs.

To those family members who have moved on to other states, other parts and other parishes, I want to thank you for all those years of dedicated service to Grace. Your countless acts of service providing your time, talent and treasure are and will always be priceless acts to Grace Church. To the almost 20 years I’ve attended Grace and to all those that have come and gone during that time, I want to say that transitions can be hard, sometimes they work and sometimes, unfortunately they do not. As I noted, we are family and families have their ups and downs, highs and lows. We can work out our differences, apologize for our mistakes, revel in our successes and through it all, we still remain family.

You will always be a part of Grace Church. Your spirit remains, your acts are visibly still present. As Warden, I thank you for “You”. For your acts, your giving, your laughter, your spirit; the dedication you provided during your tenure. You are and will always remain a part of this Grace family. You are always welcomed at Grace Church. I welcome you back as a parishioner or as a visitor; to attend service, a function, a party or just to come and say, “Hi’” and tell us how you’re doing.

So I conclude with this. Easter is upon us. Hope is in the air. A sense of renewal is now in front of us. I hope you embrace all the possibilities our re-birth offers; and are willing and excited to move forward and rejoice that Grace Church can thrive in the twenty-first century.

Blessings to you all!
Jason Algeo
Senior Warden Grace Church